Jesus said “My peace I give unto you…” This is the
“..peace that passeth understanding…” In other words
the peace Jesus gives is so great and wondrous that by
words it cannot be explained. It is only know by God’s
children who have it. It comes with the Joy of the Lord,
by the Holy Spirit. It is not a outward thing or things but
a heart matter as Apostle Paul writes “… righteousness,
peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Rom 14:17

In the 1700’s Jonathan Edwards wrote of this peace.
“The peace which believers enjoy, is a participation of the
peace which their glorious Lord and Master himself enjoys,
by virtue of the same blood which Christ himself has
entered into rest. It is in a participation of this same
justification; for believers are justified with Christ. As he
was justified when he rose from the dead, and as he was
made free from our guilt, so believers are justified in him
and through him; as being accepted of God in the same
righteousness. It is the favor of the same God and
heavenly Father that they enjoy peace”

This peace comes to the lost through the children of God
blessed peacemakers called to bring the gospel of peace
to the lost broken souls wondering aimlessly in the dark
night of unbelief and sin without hope. We proclaim Jesus,
what he has done is the hope of the gospel of peace.

Can you hear the Savior saying go!! Let us obey whether
far away or close to home. Peach it sing it teach it with
words and loving deeds. Proclaiming Jesus blood and
righteousness. The gospel of peace. Which delivers from
death and the Devil; closes Hells wide gate opens Heavens
Gate giving eternal salvation to all who believe.

Posted on 11 Jan 2012
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