Almighty God, most merciful Father, we confess to you, and to each other, and to the whole body of Christ in heaven and on earth, that we have sinned against You; in thought, word and deed; by what we have done, and by what we have not done. We have not loved you with our whole heart, and mind, and strength. We have not loved our neighbor’s as ourselves. We have not forgiven others, as we have been forgiven.
Have mercy on us, Lord.

We have not listened to your call to serve and suffer as Christ, who suffered for us, leaving us and example that we should follow in His steps

We have not been true to the mind of Christ. We have resisted your Holy Spirit.
Have mercy upon us, Oh Lord.

We confess tonight Lord, all our past unfaithfulness: the pride, hypocrisy and impatience, the self- centered indulgences’ of our lives.
Have mercy upon us, Lord.

Father forgive us for always seeking preeminence over each other and in the world which we live. Forgive us for our self-serving appetites and ways, taking advantage of each other.

We confess all our anger, malice, and evil speaking, our lying tongues, our envious jealous hearts, and discontentment with such things that we have, for our love of worldly possessions, and comforts. We have brought shame to Your Great name!!
Have mercy upon us O Lord.

Accept our repentance, Lord, for the wrongs we have done, they are many and evil, turn us and we shall be turned, renew a right spirit within us, lead us in the way that is everlasting.

Have mercy upon us Oh Lord for the sake of Jesus who shed His Blood for the remission of all our sins becoming sin for us, having no sin. of His own, that we this Ash Wednesday, are your children.

Posted on 04 Mar 2015 
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