For the gifts and calling o God are without repentance
Romans 11:29

What a mighty consolation do theses words contain!
The main thought of the text is; God cannot repent
or revoke a grace and election He has givin before.
Now we have a very early calling and election as the
foundation for our hope of salvation. we have got some
dear and most great promises. “For the gifts and calling
of God are without repentance” ” He has chosen us in
Christ before the foundation of the world” Eph 1:4
This counsel of salvation of God must be quite
settled. It must br quite independant of us. Because
God made his decision so early, that no man could
contribute to it. It happened “before the foundation
of the world”

No day had come yet. There was not yet any sun or
moon. In the free counsel of His own eternal Being,
the Lord God thought of creating the world and of
creating mankind on earth in His own image to be
children and heirs of all His gifts. A mankind that
would be able to see and rejoice at all His works and
perfectnesses. And in order that we should learn to
know also His devine righteousness and mercy, He
also decided to put us to the test. He forsaw that we
would be beguiled by the envy and cunning of the
fallen angel and fall and become depraved. Then
God decided on this counsel of salvation: He would
give us His own Son to be our mediator. He would
decend on eath, put on our flesh and assume our
cause. He would undertake to fulfill the law and
to undergo the punishment in our stead. Everyone
that is in distress because of his sins and flees to
Him sticks to Him only in faith, will not perish,
but have eternal life. C.O. Rosenius

The love of God which is greater far than tongue
or pen could ever tell, by grace was coming down
to man. “But when the fulness of the time was come,
God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made
under the law,To redeem them that were under the
law, that we might receive the adoption of sons.
And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the
Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father.”
Galaitians 4:4-6

Christmas is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus
Paridise was lost now God is going to restore again
His beautifull garden Eden for His lost ones, the way
to the tree if Life is open. Even now this Christmas
season The Good Shepard is seeking his lost ones
out on the mountians rough, on the stormy sea of
sin and unbelief, can you not here his voice calling
“Come uto me all you labor and are heavy laden and
I will give you rest, come and learn of me for I am meek
and lowly at heart and you shall find rest for your souls.

Merry Christmas

Posted on 06 Dec 2011
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